Since 2006, the International Exhibition “San Juan, Key Driver of Argentina Mining Development” has been the top federal convention of the industry, taking place in one of the main mining provinces of Argentina, San Juan, Key Driver of Argentine Mining Development is more just a trade fair.: it is a determining event where mining companies, suppliers, government officials and other stakeholders get together and define the future of their industry.

Another objective of the Expo is to consolidate Argentina’s identity in the world of mining, assembling for this purpose, a considerable number of international representatives and disseminating the opportunities offered by the large mining potential of the country, which still remains unexplored in over 75% of the territory.

Venue: 10,000 square meters – San Juan Providence – Argentine Republic

Organized by: Panorama Minero Magazine


Phone: +54-11-4781-8095 / 5262

Website: San Juan Minera

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